80s Music Group Continued

The 80s brought a many new music group and there were also many new solo artists. There was a wide variety of new styles of music to choose from and many new dances so one could dance to the new music styles. The 80's radically changed the music industry forever. There were so many new styles of music there was no such thing as just rock and roll anymore. Some of the new styles were heavy metal, hard rock, soft rock, college rock, heartland rock, gangsta rap, disco, funky rock, post punk, hip hop, thrash metal, hair metal, synth pop, and more. There was a style of music for every rock fan. Many of the parents at that time , were not pleased with some of the music of the 80's. They did not like the hard rock, rap, or the heavy metal. The reason for this was because the music was not only loud but the lyrics of the songs were not appropriate for their kids to listen to. The lyrics were about sex, drugs, suicide, alcohol, killing, cheating, stealing, demons, devil worshiping, etc. The parents felt that the music would influence their kids and lead them in the wrong direction. The lyrics of the songs would not only confuse the kids but would teach them to do things they would not normally do. They were taught right from wrong and the songs were teaching the kids that the things they were taught were wrong, by their parents and society, was ok to do. The lyrics of some of the songs scared the parents very much and they discouraged their kids from listening to it. Many demanded that their kids not listen to it and this only made it worse because the kids rebelled and listened to it anyway. Some parents of kids who committed suicide, blamed it on the music.

Not all of the music was bad and there were many successful groups who gave the public good dance music. There were many groups who did not last long and some of them would not have been successful if it had not been for MTV and the new music videos. Some artists were not heard of until the public saw them on MTV. Other groups were already successful but they became even more successful thanks to the exposure they got on MTV.

Some of the most popular music groups of the 80's were, Poison, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Cinderella, Guns N Roses, Haircut 100, DEVO, J, Geils Band, U2, Foreigner, The Police, Air Supply, Men At Work, Little River band, INXS, Crowded House, The Church, The Manhattans, The Pointer Sisters, After the Fire, Culture Club, The B-52s, Dead or Alive, Earth Wind and Fire, The S. O. S. Band, The Romantics, Kool and the Gang, New Order, Eurythmics, and many more.

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