80s Music Continued

80s music is still alive and well and in great demand. There are still many thousands of fans who love the 80's music and they listen to it often. The 80's music can be heard on many radio stations and also on the internet. There are many websites that allow members to listen to the music while they are online surfing the net, reading email, or working. There are also many sites where the music can be downloaded onto the computer, mp3 player, etc. CDs and videos of the 80's music can be purchased online or offline. There are many new 80's compilations which have been released recently so the fans can still enjoy it. Some fans may want to fill in the gaps of their collections and the compilations are a way of doing it.

The 80's was a time of big change in rock and roll music from the way it was known in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. There was a New Wave of music and many different styles evolved from it. Some of the different styles of music in the 80's was, hard rock, heavy metal, disco, post punk, college rock, New Wave of British heavy metal, thrash metal, synth pop, hair metal, heartland rock, gangsta rap, hip hop,, and more. There were also many dances invented to fit the new styles of music. Some, of the many, dances were disco, pac man, cabbage patch, robo cop, wavin’, poppin’, lockin’, tickin’, break dancing, new kids move, roger rabbit, running man, moonwalk, funky twist, and more. There were dance instruction videos available so people could learn how to do the new dances. There were also many new country dances which were the rage for country music listeners. There was the electric slide, boot scootin’ boogie, and many more. There were also videos available to teach country music lovers how to do these new dances.

There were new instruments used in some of the 80's music in order to achieve the new sound the artists strived for and succeeded. The electric keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines came into play. These instruments made such a new distinct sound that the artists were pleased and many of them experimented with them to get just the right sound they wanted. Each artists wanted his, her, or their own distinct sound so when their music was played, the public would know who it was instantly.

Another big change in the 80's was the coming of the music videos and their connection to MTV, VH-1, and some small television stations which aired the music videos. Thanks to this great exposure, many artists became very successful.

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