80s Flashback Music

If you want to flashback to the 80s music you can do so online and on the radio. There are many websites and radio stations which play the 80s music. There are also many different styles of music from the 80s and one can find one to suit their taste very easily. Many websites play 80s music only and you can choose the style you like. One site where you can flashback to the 80s is, www.1980sflashback.com. The site has a lot of information about the music and itís artists. They also have links to other 80s music sources.

Some of the best songs for each year of the 80s were:
1980: Sailing by Christopher Cross
1981: Bette Davis Eyes
1982: Always On My Mind
1983: Every Breath You Take by Sting
1984: Whatís Love Got To Do With It
1985: We Are The World
1986: Thatís What Friends Are For
1987: Somewhere Out There
1988: Donít Worry Be Happy
1989: Wind Beneath My Wings

This list was taken from the above mentioned website so there may or may not be another list elsewhere which may not be of the same opinion. You can go back to the more leisurely days when things were not as hectic and fast paced as they are today.

There was a big change in the 80s in the rock and roll world. Rock and roll as we knew it back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's, was no more. Rock and Roll was split up into many different categories and there seemed to be a style of music to fit everyoneís personality. Some of the many styles of rock music in the 80s were, heavy metal, hard rock, New Wave, rap, hip hop, R&B, college rock, synth pop, New Wave of British heavy metal, thrash metal, hair metal, and gangsta rap, just to name some of the most popular styles.

There was a lot of controversy over some of the 80s music and there were protests by some parents and representatives on Capitol Hill. Some of the music was not only obnoxious and loud, the lyrics contained words that were, in many opinions, a bad influence on the public, especially teens and younger children. Many parents did not want their children listening to the music because there was an influence of stealing, killing, suicide, drugs, alcohol, demons, devil worshiping, cult influence, and a lot of foul language. Some parents of children who committed suicide or got addicted to drugs or alcohol, believed that the music was a big factor in their problems. Many of the children became hostile and hard to live with or discipline because of the influence of the music. Parents and legislatures wanted to get the music labeled so they would know which music was acceptable for their children to listen to. Most of this type of lyrics was mainly from the rap, hard rock, and heavy metal music.

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