80s Dance Music

Many people are crazy about the 80s dance music and other styles of music from the 80's. There were many different styles of music which popped up in the 80's so the classic rock and roll was quickly left behind. There are still many people who love the classic rock and roll too. Some of the new styles of music invented in the 80's was, New Wave, R&B, hard rock, soft rock, heavy metal, rap, disco, college rock, hair metal, gangsta rap, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, synth pop, hip hop, thrash metal, and perhaps more. From these styles came many dance tunes. There were many successful artists from the 80's and there were also many who were not successful.

The 80's was a time for change in music also because there came the beginning of the cassettes and 8 tracks, and the end of the vinyl records. Many of the 80's bands and solo artists are still performing today. Many of the bands have different lineups than they had originally but most of them have at least one member who began with the group originally. Many groups faded out but many of them have reunited and are again touring and recording.

There is a lot of information on the internet about the 80's artists and if you have a favorite, you can find out all about them there. You can find out if they are still around and performing publicly or if they are retired. Some of the most popular artists who made a big impact on 80's dance music was Whitney Houston, Prince, Michael Jackson, The Police, Madonna, Kenny Loggins, Stevie Nicks, Sting, Belinda Carlisle, Cyndi Lauper, Culture Club, Don Henley, The Eagles, George Michael, and many more.

The Top 25 dance tunes for the 1980's were:

Billie Jean (Michael Jackson), Into the Groove (Madonna), Super freak Part I (Rick James), Beat It (Michael Jackson), Funkytown (Lipps Inc.), Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (Eurythmics), Donít You Want Me? (Human League), Tainted Love (Soft Cell), Like A Virgin (Madonna), Blue Monday (New Order), When Doves Cry (Prince), What I Like About You (The Romantics), Push It (Salt Ní Pepa), Celebration (Kool and the Gang), Flashdance...What A Feeling (Irene Cara), Itís Raining Men (The Weather Girls), Holiday (Madonna), Thriller (Michael Jackson), Bad (Michael Jackson), 1999 (Prince), The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson), Iím So Excited (The Pointer Sisters), Electric Slide (Marcia Griffiths), Mony Mony (Billy Idol), and Iím Coming Out (Diana Ross).

These are just a few of the many many dance tunes the 80's generation enjoyed. There was also a wide variety of dances during this era.

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