80s Cop Music

LAURI aka 80s cop had a unique style of music all his own. Luuri was interested in computers when his mother wanted him to take violin lessons. He also studied in an art school. Lauri had a passion for electronic music so he fit right into the 80s new styles of music. There were new instruments used in the 80s and with them came many new styles of rock music. The rock and roll as we knew it in the 50's 60's and 70's was changed forever. Lauri was also influenced by jazz and souls music when he listened to Gilles Peterson’s, A Thing Called Jazz, radio program. His real passion for the electronic music really struck him in 1990 when he heard some house mixes for the first time.

Lauri was also a DJ and he played a variety of music around. He played music like Stevie Wonder’s (that his dad used to listen to) and Talking Heads’ music, along with other classics. During the mid 90's, 80s Cop began to produce his own music, and also began to take the DJ job more seriously. He chose to play the techno style and the deep house records.

Lauri not only plays records at different events, one can also hear his DJ- Sets and Tracks being played on national radio stations. He has also performed a few solo live performances, and has put together and arranged soundtracks for fashion events.

Lauri aka 80s Cop has a musical style which can be considered as deep dance music with various influences. Just after 2002, Lauri moved to a more jazz and bossa style of material which turned out to be a popular change on the dance floor. He likes to perform in lounges, clubs, and even trashy bars, and sometimes heavy underground and outdoor festivals.

Today Lauri has a busy day job plus he collects records and performs in different locations as well as working in the studio. His personal challenge as a DJ is to dig out all of the good records from around the world. Lauri runs a monthly club called, Remix, in Helsinki, along with his colleague, DJ Ender. Lauri says that, Remix, is a fun on the dance floor style of music plus it is serious when it to the music that they play. They play as many different styles as they can in order to catch everyone’s attention and to hold it. They have recently put their focus on punk disco and other edits mixed with styles like house, boogie, classic synth pop and indie rock. He sure knows how to mix his music and he does it well.

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