'80s Music Quiz (Archived December 1st 2002)

1: Which of the following songs was NOT performed by The Police?
    Waiting for a girl like you
    Don't stand so close to me
    Everything little thing she does is magic
    Every breath you take
2: Complete the following song title from the '80s : "Born in the ___"
    Shack on top of a mountain in Montana
3: Which '80s band scored hits with "And She Was" and "Burning Down the House" ?
    Duran Duran
    The Cure
    Talking Heads
    Tears for Fears
4: Which band scored early '80s hits with "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "New Years Day"?
    The Clash
    Cheap Trick
5: Which female artist released the succcessful album titled "Like a Prayer" in 1989?
    Pat Benatar
    Kim Carnes
    Debbie Gibson
6: Which '80s artist changed his name to following a dispute with his record label
    in 1993?
    George Michael
    Peter Gabriel
    Michael Jackson
7: Which '80s hit song begins with the lyrics : "Traveling in a fried-out combie, On
    a hippie trail head full of zombie.." ?
    "White Wedding" - Billy Idol
    "Down Under" - Men at Work
    "Loveshack" - B-52's
    "Original Sin" - INXS
8: What was Van Halen's only #1 US hit single on the Billboard charts?
    Dance the Night Away
    Hot for Teacher
9: Which band name means new stuff which will eventually become classic? (I'm not sure
    if the material this band released actually succeeded in that)
    Pseudo Echo
    Classix Nouveaux
    Club Nouveau
    Depeche Mode
10: What's the biggest selling soundtrack from a TV show of all time?
    Miami Vice
    Pee Wee's Playhouse
11: Nena's early '80s hit "99 Luftballons" is entirely in German - what does "Luft"
    mean in English?
12: Which band got its name from a Frank Sinatra film poster on the wall in their
    rehearsal room?
    Johnny Hates Jazz
    Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark (OMD)
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood
    Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)
13: Starting in the 1980s, which artist is the only ever to score 7 consecutive #1
    hit singles on the US Billboard charts?
    Whitney Houston
    Michael Jackson
    Phil Collins
14: Which name did Nirvana use briefly in its early (1987) days?
    Air Supply
    Quiet Riot
    Skid Row
15: Which '80s band gets the number in its name from a humorous Douglas Adams book,
    ("Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"), where the number represents the "ultimate
    answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything"?
    38 Special
    Level 42
    Heaven 17
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