'80s Music Quiz (Archived November 9th 2003)

1: In Questions 1 to 3, match the artist or band with the given song title :
"Every Breath You Take"
    The Cure
    The Police
2: "And We Danced"
    The Hooters
    Tears for Fears
    Thompson Twins
    ZZ Top
3: "Broken Wings"
    Corey Hart
    Mr. Mister
    Bryan Adams
4: Complete the following song title from the '80s : "Jack and _____"
5: Which of the following is NOT a song performed by David Bowie?
    China Girl
    Eyes Without A Face
    Modern Love
    Let's Dance
6: What term described the movement in American and British popular music in the late
    '70s and early '80s, growing out of the New York City musical scene centred around
    the club CBGB's?
    New Romantic
    New Wave
7: In which 1982 hit did the singer observe, "For the price of a dime I can always turn
    to you" ?
    The Romantics - "Talking in Your Sleep"
    Matthew Wilder - "Break My Stride"
    Dexy's Midnight Runners - "Come on Eileen"
    Tommy Tutone - "867-5309/Jenny"
8: Who is Alannah Myles referring to in the smoky, sensual late '80s hit "Black Velvet"?
    Jim Morrison
    James Dean
    Elvis Presley
    Buddy Holly
9: Which '80s music video features Madonna prancing around on a gondola in Venice, Italy?
    Like a Virgin
    Papa Don't Preach
    Like a Prayer
    Material Girl
10: Which band made a cameo appearance in the 1988 Clint Eastwood film "The Dead Pool"?
    Guns n' Roses
    Van Halen
11: For Questions 11 to 15, identify the '80s Music Video from the images shown below:
Dire Straits....

    Sultans of Swing
    So Far Away
    Money for Nothing
    Walk of Life
12: The Cars....

    Just What I Needed
    You Might Think
    Shake It Up
13: Duran Duran....

    Hungry Like The Wolf
    Girls on Film
    Union of the Snake
    A View To A Kill
14: Talking Heads....

    Burning Down the House
    And She Was
    Road to Nowhere
    Once in a Lifetime
15: U2....

    Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    Where The Streets Have No Name
    Sunday Bloody Sunday
    With Or Without You
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