'80s Music Quiz (Archived July 28th 2002)

1: Which band released the hits "Dance Hall Days" and "Everybody have fun tonight"?
    Wang Chung
    Pet Shop Boys
2: In which year did MTV first start?
3: Which '80s female artist starred with Warren Beaty in the movie "Dick Tracy" ?
    Debbie Gibson
    Cyndi Lauper
4: Which late '80s rock band released the hit titled "Dr. Feelgood" ?
    Motley Crue
5: Who sang "The Safety Dance", one of the biggest hits of the early '80s?
    A Flock of Seagulls
    Men without Hats
    Soft Cell
    Pet Shop Boys
6: Name the band associated with the following lyrics: "I have a picture, pinned to
    my wall, an image of you and of me.."
    Pet Shop Boys
    Tears for Fears
    Thompson Twins
7: Name the artist associated with the following lyrics : "Why don't you come back,
    please hurry...come back and stay for good this time..."
    Chris De Burgh
    Rick Springfield
    Paul Young
    Feargal Sharkey
8: Which artist released a remake of the Beach Boys hit "California Girls" ?
    David Lee Roth
    Richard Marx
    Phil Collins
    Ozzy Osbourne
9:Which female one-hit-wonder released a song titled "Tell it to my heart" in the 1980s?
    Stacey Q
    Paula Abdul
    Taylor Dayne
    Kate Bush
10:Which of the artists below is a songwriter, singer, producer, guitarist and keyboardist?
    Aldo Nova
    Bryan Adams
    Elton John
    Climie Fisher
11: Which band had seven US Top 10 singles between 1980 and 1982?
    The Police
    Air Supply
12: Which of the following bands was formed by John Waite in 1988?
    Bad English
    Moving Pictures
    Atlantic Starr
13: Which of the following '80s hits is off the album titled "Business as usual"?
    "Down Under" - Men at Work
    "Every rose has its thorn" - Poison
    "Jessie's Girl" - Rick Springfield
    "Orange Crush" - R.E.M
14: What was Pat Benatar's last US Top 10 single of the 1980s?
    Promises in the Dark
    We Belong
    Hell is for children
15: Which of the following statements is false:
    Bangles were formerly known as the "Colors and the Bangs"
    Duran Duran tours Russia for the first time in 2001
    Culture Club were originally called "Mirror Mirror"
    Van Halen's album "1984" released on New Year's Day of that year
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