'80s Music Quiz (Archived May 18th 2003)

1: Which group is best known for their early '80s MTV video "Whip It" ?
    A Flock of Seagulls
2: Who is Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou better known as ?
    George Michael
    Boy George
    George Harrison
    George Benson
3: Which artist appears in The Wedding Singer (1998) movie as himself ?
    Rick Springfield
    Michael Jackson
    Billy Idol
4: Which song was also a hit for Fred Astaire in 1946 ?
    99 Luftballons
    Dancing with myself
    Puttin' on the Ritz
    Always Something There to Remind Me
5: Who released "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" in 1982 ?
    The Police
    The Smiths
    The Cure
    The Clash
6: Which song by Blondie refers to the man from Mars eating cars, bars and guitars?
    Heart of Glass
    Call Me
    The Tide is High
7: Name the group associated with the lyrics : "You might think it's foolish, Or maybe
    it's untrue"
    Depeche Mode
    The Cars
    Culture Club
8: Which song by Talking Heads features the lyrics : "Close enough but not too far, Maybe
    you know where you are"
    And She Was
    Burning Down the House
    Once in a Lifetime
    Road to Nowhere
9: Which '80s pop duo had hits "Chains of Love" and "A Little Respect" ?
    Tears for Fears
    Hall & Oates
10: Which '80s song is associated with the lyrics : "Drawn into the stream of undefined
    illusion...Those diamond dreams, they can't disguise the truth"
    Crowded House - "Don't Dream it's Over"
    Tears for Fears - "Everybody wants to rule the World"
    Johnny Hates Jazz - "Shattered Dreams"
    Level 42 - "Something about You"
11: Who is William Bailey better known as ?
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Billy Idol
    Axl Rose
    Boy George
12: Which artist nearly gave up music near the start of his career to become a Buddhist
    David Bowie
    John Lennon
    Phil Collins
13: U2 lead singer Bono took his name from a contraction of the Latin term "Bono Vox".
    What does Bono Vox mean?
    Deep Voice
    Many Voices
    Good Voice
    Loud Voice
14: Which forgotten early '80s new wave song begins with the lyrics : "What's in a name?
    ...Face on a stage...Where are you now?"
    Freur - "Doot-Doot"
    EBN-OZN - "AEIOU (And Sometimes Y)"
    Visage - "Fade to Grey"
    Real Life - "Send Me An Angel"
15: The image shown below is taken from which album cover? :

    Ultravox - "Vienna"
    Duran Duran - "Seven and the Ragged Tiger"
    David Bowie - "Let's Dance"
    ABC - "Lexicon of Love"
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