'80s Music Quiz (Archived January 24th 2004)

1: Which artist started fashion trends in 1984 with her unique look using rosaries and
    crosses as jewelry and black rubber typewriter bands as bracelets?
    Cyndi Lauper
    Lita Ford
    Whitney Houston
2: Who sang "White Wedding", "Mony Mony" and "Eyes without a Face" ?
    Jon Bon Jovi
    David Lee Roth
    Billy Idol
    Boy George
3: Complete the following song title from the '80s : "Come on ______"
4: For the next few questions, identify the artist and song title associated with the given
    lyrics: "Walking like a man, hitting like a hammer, she's a juvenile scam"
    Roxette - "The Look"
    Fine Young Cannibals - "She Drives Me Crazy"
    Whitesnake - "Here I Go Again"
    Duran Duran - "Hungry Like The Wolf"
5: "I travel the world and the seven seas, everybody's looking for something"
    Blondie - "Call Me"
    The Police - "Every Breath You Take"
    Eurythmics - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)"
    Alphaville - "Forever Young"
6: "They say that the road aint no place to start a family"
    Night Ranger - "Sister Christian"
    Asia - "Heat of the Moment"
    Journey - "Faithfully"
    Aerosmith - "Janie's Got a Gun"
7: Of the actors listed below, who is only one to NOT achieve a Top 40 single on the US
    Billboard charts in the 1980s?
    Don Johnson
    Patrick Swayze
    Bruce Willis
    Johnny Depp
8: Can you name the '80s pop duo shown below?

9: How many different '80s artists or bands are referred to in the following mini story?
    (Avoid counting repeat artists/bands more than once): I was working part time in a five
    and dime. My boss was Mr. Magee. He was six foot four and full of muscles and walked
    like an Egyptian, but I was happy to be stuck with him. One manic monday, while I was
    busy working for the weekend, I overheard him make a careless whisper.
10: For the next few questions, your task is to identify the '80s artist or band from the
  cryptic clues given (Example: Not from this land= Foreigner, Disney Princess = Cinderella)
    Mary, Elizabeth, Victoria
11: Cryptic Clue:
    Half-priced Hoax
12: Cryptic Clue:
    Readable without trouble
13: Cryptic Clue:
    Young Metal Chick
14: Rearrange the letters below to form a song title from the 1980s (one word):
15: The image shown below is a combination of 4 equal sections from 4 different album
    covers by the same artist/band.

Who is the artist/band associated with these partial album covers?
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