'80s Music Quiz (Archived January 1st 2003)

1: Name the '80s pop duo who released the album "Songs from the Big Chair", featuring hits "Shout" and "Everybody wants to rule the world"
    Hall & Oates
    Tears for Fears
    Air Supply
    General Public

2: Complete the following song title from the '80s : "Electric ______"

3: Complete the following song title from the '80s : "Fade to ____"

4: In 1985 which song went to #1 on an insidious hook and a music video that skillfully merged animation and live action?
    Talking Heads - "And she was"
    The Fixx - "One thing leads to another"
    a-ha - "Take on me"
    Peter Gabriel - "Sledgehammer"

5: Which (then) teen female artist released the hits "Could've been" and "I think we're alone now" ?
    Deneice Williams
    Debbie Gibson

6: Name the band who released the hits "It's the end of the world as we know it" and "Orange Crush" in the '80s.
    Guns n' Roses

7: Name the band associated with the lyrics : "We close our eyes, we never lose a game, imagination never lets us take the blame..."
    Grateful Dead
    Go West
    Talk Talk
    Power Station

8: Name the '80s one-hit-wonder who released the song titled "867-5309 (Jenny)"
    Toni Basil
    Tommy Tutone
    'Til Tuesday

9: Name the band associated with the lyrics : "How long, how long must we sing this song"
    The Police
    Air Supply
    Van Halen

10: Name the artist associated with the lyrics : "Clock strikes upon the hour and the sun begins to fade..."
    Michael Jackson
    Whitney Houston
    Tina Turner

11: Who recorded the theme music from the hit TV show "Miami Vice" ?
    Phil Collins
    Jan Hammer
    Harold Faltermeyer
    Jean-Michel Jarre

12: Which classic '80s horror movie has the word "Moon" in every song title on its soundtrack?
    Nightmare on Elm Street
    The Lost Boys
    An American Werewolf in London
    Friday the 13th

13: Who was the first western duo to be allowed to tour Communist China in 1985?
    Hall & Oates
    Tears for Fears
    Pet Shop Boys

14: Which statement is false?
    John Lennon is noted for naming the B-52's as his favorite band

    U2 were formerly known as "The Hype"
    Cyndi Lauper appeared on broadway in the musical "Cats"
    In the 1980s, Lenny Kravitz went by the name "Romeo Blue"

15: Can you name the band shown below?

    Human League
    Talking Heads
    The Smiths
    The Romantics
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