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Our forums are now back online! Check them out here.

You can browse the artist information on this site by song title, artist, or try a site search. And if you're still here after that, why not check out our popular '80s Music Quiz, or view some classic '80s games for that retro gaming experience. To those needing extra help identifying lyrics, try posting on the message board

'80s Arcade Games - All your favorite classic arcade games! Reviews of Pacman, Simon, Space Invaders, Frogger, Asteroids and more!

'80s Music Quiz - What really happened in the 80's? Over 50 mind puzzling quizes that will test your wit!

Message Board - For comments, questions, or to seek help finding '80s lyrics

You Might Be A Child of the '80s if.... - A few laughs on the good, the bad and the cheesey

80s Articles - Catch up on the latest 80s information.

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